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My Journey With Yoga

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Dear Body,

Dear Body,

I love you. 

I have not always loved you, spoken of you highly, or taken care of you properly.

For this, I am sorry.  I love you. 

I know that you have not always been treated kindly or respected by others.

I will protect you.  I love you.

I feel all of your changes and blossoms.  I know that they are not easy.  I know that they sometimes hurt.

I will nurture you.  I love you.

Thank you for supporting me into my 37th year of life.  You are strong, you are stable and you are beautiful.

I will continue to facilitate and be present to your growth.  I love you.

This love is new.  It is being learned even to this day.

Even still, I love you.

Thank you for being patient and kind.  Calm and vibrant.  Firm and soft.

I am forever grateful.  I love you.

You are so magnificent.  Your soft,  pink, pale skin that glows.  Your curves that flow into the world.  Your strong legs that ground into the earth.  Your blue eyes that see your surroundings in a childlike view.  Your wavy blond hair that dances on your head.  Your smile that shines your light so bright.  Your heart that opens freely into the world.  Oh, you are so magnificent.

I love you.



Kindness Counts

I am trying something a little different in this post. I would like to open this for loving discussion and ideas. Please read and leave a comment or thought of how you do or can share your kindness with others.

I want to start by bowing to your grace, love and compassion.


When I enter a studio that is filled with love, kindness and compassion it sets the stage for me to connect in my practice. I could have had a horrible day or even week but when I enter and am greeted by those around me with thoughtfulness and tenderheartedness, it makes all of “the ick” melt away. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and loved.

Have you ever walked into a studio and not been greeted with a kind smile or hello? Walking into a studio can be a terrifying and intimidating feat. How can we make this venture a little more comfortable for new comers as well as each other?

When we see a new person come in, do we acknowledge them and introduce ourselves? When we see people that are in class week after week with us, do we reach out and hug their neck?

When a class is full, do we move our mats over with a smile as a gesture of openness and kindness? After class, do we help our fellow yogis pick up their props and put them away?

All of these things are important in creating a loving, caring space.

We are all at a studio for one purpose and that is to connect our body, mind and spirit. We should not care about what kind of car one drives, how fancy their house is, if they have the latest and greatest yoga attire, or if they can do a hand stand. We are there to unite with each other’s energy in order to magnify our own.

If we unite in love and compassion we can change the world.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!



Squeaky Clean


I recently went on my very first yoga retreat.  I was very excited about the prospect of this.  I had always loved overnight camp as a kid and to me, this seemed like a similar and familiar event.  I had the best time on the retreat.  And I had a huge paradigm shift.  I tested this story on a private facebook page and with some good friends that I met on the retreat.  It took a lot for me to open up and share the story with just the few that I have shared it with, so this is a very brave move.  Several of them said that this would be a great blog post…so here it goes…

The room that I was placed in was very nice and comfortable.  It was basically two twin beds, a sitting area and a bathroom.  The first night of the retreat we had yoga practice followed by dinner.  I decided to shower before dinner.   The shower was a single door stall with a sliding glass door.  There was not a whole lot of room to get in and out. I went to get in the shower and could barely fit in, but I managed to squeeze in, literally. (I had a little celebration in my head while washing up that I actually fit!  Eleven months ago, before yoga, it may have been a different story)   I finished up in the shower and when I got out, I my body squeaked on the door!!! I found such humor in that moment that I giggled.

Later that night I was texting the story to a friend and was giggling so hard that my room mate (a lady that I had never met before this)  kept asking me what was so funny. I thought to myself, “I can’t tell her, I don’t know her THAT well. It would be embarrassing.” Then in that same moment, I said to myself, “No, Nell. It IS funny!  You SHOULD tell her.” So, I told her and we giggled and giggled.

The next night, I got into the shower before my roomie  (Who, by the way is a super, awesome lady!)  had gotten in the room. And when I walked out of the bathroom she was sitting on her bed and asked if I had giggled when I got out of the shower. I thought that I had giggled in my head, but she said “I heard you squeak and then I heard your cute little giggle.” We had another good laugh.

There would have been a time when I would have been so mortified by this and it would have ruined my whole experience. It is so huge that I shifted my perspective. It is important that I see the humor and beauty in my body and not be ashamed of or embarrassed by the wonderful gift that the Universe has given me. Thank you for sharing in my joy!

I took the following pictures to show the friend that I was texting about the situation. Later on, another friend came up with the idea that every time that I go back, I must get a picture in front of that shower to show the progress of my journey.

image (1)              image


Welcome To My Journey With Yoga

My goals for this blog…

To bring awareness and love to people of all shapes and sizes in yoga.  Yes, we are told that yoga is for EVERY BODY but there is still a lot of fear in a larger person when they walk into a studio for the first time.  I was in tears my first few classes.  I was so intimidated.  I have had some fantastic teachers who have taught me that the only thing that is important is what is happening on my own little island.  (my mat)  I have been practicing for almost 11 months and I am every day becoming more comfortable with my body and learning to love my body here and now.

To share my growths, progress, and lessons.  This is not always so easy, because sometimes those stories are personal.  I have been dabbling with my facebook postings and am told that my stories inspire and bring people more self love.  If a story can do that, then it’s a winner, in my book!

To open up a dialogue.  I do not have all of the answers, but would love to make this a platform for open, loving, caring, compassionate conversation.  I encourage you to share content with anyone who you think could benefit from a post or a story.

These goals may change as I continue on my path in yoga, but I think that they are a good starting point!